For the Love of Nature (FTLON) – Launches a Green Initiative “Experience Centre”

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For the Love of Nature (FTLON India Pvt. Ltd.), an organic and eco-friendly brand, has recently launched its first ever retail store and a Garden Centre on the outskirts of Mysore. The outlet is attracting attention from a variety of garden enthusiast customers including celebrities. FTLON took another step to emphasize the benefits of going Organic by launching an aggressive Social Media Campaign, to highlight Organic food benefits, to help consumers understand the difference between Organic and Conventionally grown foods, and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. The campaign can be accessed through: ,,


Under the broad umbrella of For the Love of Nature (FTLON) India Private Limited there is an Experience Center, built with biophilic design concepts, wherein products from local farmers and artisans are showcased under three sub-brands and here is the video link to the Centre and Nursery

Organic & Sustainable Lifestyle Experience Center at Mysuru by FTLON – For the Love of Nature

GATHR delivers edible line of products (e.g., bull driven cold pressed oils, heirloom grains)

NURTR offers products that build or enhance a garden (e.g., plants, pots, gardening solutions)

ELIXR caters to body and home care products (e.g., face cream, shampoo)

FTLON is located at: N R Bhagyalakshmi SR No.183/1B, Naganahalli, and Mysore 570003, on Bangalore – Mysore Highway. Contact number: 84315 42977.

The three Co-founders Supreeth Chandrashekar, Roland Ferrao, and Nanjegowda Kennalu started this venture in 2016, drawing their experience from Goodwill Blooming (A first-of-its-kind garden center in Place Grounds Bangalore India, launched by two of the founders back in 2007), with an intent to create an ecosystem that promotes farming in a non-polluting environmentally sustainable manner, benefiting everyone from the farmer to the end consumer. It was noticed that chemical farming was toxic and prevalent everywhere. Urging to embark on a mission to change that over time, it came to light that many farmers and middlemen want the premium price that organic products fetch, but don’t want to put in the effort that it takes to the farm organically. This translates into chemically farmed produce in the disguise of an organic name to the end consumer.

Supreeth Chandrashekar, Founder of FTOLN says that, “Our experience in working with farmers that two out of every Hundred, who came forward were genuinely willing to put in the required effort. The current FTLON ecosystem is built on partnerships with farmers like Shivalli Boregowda, who is a farmer scientist and conserves around 300+ varieties of heirloom rice organically over the past two decades. As we moved forward we were willing to partner with artisans who provide eco-friendly products and have been growing their partnerships ever since. The companies’ mission over the long term is to build a brand that consumers can trust and rely on for a sustainable lifestyle.”

Roland Ferrao – Co-founder adds that, “Every step of the way we tried to reduce waste and use our planet’s resources responsibly. For instance, we offer bulk packaging with the use of Hermetic bags that preserve the grains to reduce unnecessary use of plastic. These bags can be used over and over again. Similarly, once the plants and planting material sourced externally reaches the nursey, we go through rigorous organic standards, so the end consumer receives non-toxic products.

The FTLON Experience Center allows everyone to engage in different ways, from purchasing the end product directly, to building a sustainable ecosystem from scratch within their own personal space. Training (e.g., plant care, setting up a rooftop kitchen garden), resources (e.g., plant foods, pottery, manure), garden solutions (integrated pest management, self-watering options) and knowledge of individual products, the experience center empowers people with limited to no knowledge to embark on their journey of a sustainable lifestyle as well as experienced consumers to continue their journey. In addition, we are planning to launch a Caf and a Museum that showcases India’s heirloom varieties of rice conserved over many generations.

About For the Love of the Nature

A passionate group of entrepreneurs who believe access to organic and eco-friendly products that enable people to live a sustainable lifestyle is a basic human right. The company’s mission is to reshape the consumer product landscape, redefine what a truly good product looks like, and make organic and eco-friendly products more accessible, affordable, and convenient for all. All products are locally sourced, manufactured, and organically grown enabling a sustainable lifestyle, especially post-COVID-19 with the increased concern for health. Located at N R Bhagyalakshmi SR No.183/1B, Naganahalli, Mysore 570003, Contact number 98450 39787.

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