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What to do when the Fallopian Tube is Blocked: Dr. Chanchal Sharma

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What to do when the Fallopian Tube is Blocked: Dr. Chanchal Sharma

Nowadays the problem of infertility is emerging as a serious problem. The biggest reason for infertility is believed to be the Fallopian Tubal Blockage. Because if 20 women are infertile, then 10 to12 of them have infertility problems only because of fallopian tubal blockage.
Modern medicine has devised many new techniques for the treatment of fallopian tubes, but none of them is able to completely cure it. These modern techniques have many side effects and the success rate is very low and the expenses are very high. At the same time, permanent treatment of fallopian tubes is available in Ayurveda, whose success rate is more and its efficacy is higher then modern treatment methods. Through the Ayurvedic treatment, the woman’s tube can open easily and she can become a mother naturally. 
A lot of studies and research in this matter suggest that  if a woman is having regular menstruation and is having ovulation at expected time,  then still she may not get conceive because of blocked fallopian tubes. 
So the biggest reason for Infertility because of which fertilization is not happening is due to the blocked fallopian tube, which makes it impossible for the embryo to form. In such a situation, the woman is unable to conceive. These are some reasons  which cause the tube blockage, such as – tube texture disturbances, surgery, proper development of fallopian tube, tuberculosis in the tube, Surgical Abortion, MTP and miscarriage.
Ayurvedic treatment of Blocked Fallopian Tubes –
Ayurveda firstly focuses on the diet and lifestyle in the treatment of closed fallopian tubes, so that the body gets its balance. After this, Ayurvedic medicine is used. Because if there is less trouble in the tube, then it can be cured by medication and lifestyle. If there is more blockage in the tube, then an attempt is made to open the tube via Uttar Basti Therapy of Panchakarma.
Why is Uttar Basti the best treatment for opening the fallopian tubal blockage ?
Panchakarma therapy is a very ancient treatment option. Panchakarma involves five types of methods and some remedies as well. Uttar Basti is one of the main therapies of Panchakarma treatment. According to the treatment of Panchakarma, certain medicinal oils are inserted into the female genitalia of the urethra through a special type of medical device used for Uttar Basti therapy, which opens the blocked passage of the fallopian tube and makes the woman eligible to become pregnant. In this whole process special types of medicinal oils and natural herbs are involved.

If you are looking for Permanent treatment of blocked fallopian tubes, then Ayurvedic treatment has been available since ancient times and Ayurvedic treatment is completely natural and does not have any side effects. Ayurvedic treatment of fallopian tubes is completely successful and effective. At Dr. Chanchal Sharma’s Asha Ayurveda Clinic, the fallopian tubes have been successfully treated through the Panchakarma method for nearly 15 years.
All this information is obtained during a special conversation with Dr. Chanchal Sharma, Asha Ayurveda’s Infertility expert. If any of you are troubled by fallopian tube problem, feel free to contact Asha Ayurveda Rajouri Garden New Delhi.

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