The Burning Man Novel by Lomharsh is an Unstoppable Ride of Recognitions

Filmmaker Lomharsh is on unstoppable ride of recognitions for his latest Novel ‘The Burning Man’ a fiction story based on the Journey of a father in search of Hope and Happiness.

He received his 3rd Award
‘Tagore Literary Honouraree for 2021’ by Ne8x Official To commemorate spirit of literary excellence.

The Burning Man penned down by Lomharsh During Covid Pandemic first wave in 2020 and released in January 2021 Nationally and Internationally on leading Book Portals across the globe.
Published & Distributed by Notion Press, one of India’s leading book distributor and publishers.
Lomharsh told ‘Its good to see the Audience and Critics response for my first Novel and it also has a great potential for feature film too and we are currently working on developing its script.
Story of Burning Man revolves around the daily wagerer labour Ramchand and how his entire life has been spoiled just by an Ice Cream. His son ran away from home on a notion to never returns.
Now Ramchand is set on a never ending mission to find his lost son across India and even that too on a bicycle.
The Burning Man received its first honour ‘Sahityakosh Samaan’ 2021 for Author Lomharsh and later on also been Awarded ‘Book Honour Award 2021’ on World Book Day, which gets celebrated on 23 April every year.

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The Burning Man

Recently he also received the prestigious recognition and honoured with ‘Tagore Literary Honouree for 2021’ awarded by Ne8x Official.
To commemorate spirit of literary excellence
on Tagore’s birthday, NE8x® Litfest donated
proceeds from registrations to social impact
initiatives of the Tagore Foundation School, Kolkatta.

Lomharsh is an Indo Australian Filmmaker who is known for his works like ‘Yeh Hai India’ ‘Chicken Biryani’ and ‘Chicken Biryani 2.
His production house ‘Shilom Media’ is actively working on Branding, TV commercials, Short and Feature film projects.

He has received 25+ Award and Nominations for his exceptional work in Cinema and also been Awarded ‘Youth Ambassador for Peace’ by UPF and UN at Parliament of India.
He has been Awarded ‘Best Bollywood Director 2020’ in USA.

Currently he is busy working on his next untitled feature film based on Medical Profession. Which will start commencing shoot as soon as this Pandemic gets over.

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