The British Brow Bar Announces the Launch of Avant Garde Eyelash Products

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The British Brow Bar, founded by ace Cosmetologist & Aesthetician Debarati Ghosh continues to define the eyelash & eyebrows beauty category with the launch of its new products for eyelash extensions in both volume and classic styles & lash lift. Debarati recently announced the launch of advanced international skin care and brow services boutiques Regaliaa and The British Brow Bar at Mumbai’s upmarket Bandra West. The fast-growing beauty brand, in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune is positioned as the definitive market leader.

Cosmetologist Debarati Ghosh

The products launched are exclusive eyelash extensions and eyelash accessories, primer, glue, super bonder, glue extension remover, tweezer, lash fan, temperature and humidity measurer, lash lift and brow laminations, lash foam, lash brushes and much more. Debarati Ghosh, a trained cosmetologist & aesthetician from London & Germany, comes armed with 13 years of experience and now with extensive international research & development has launched The British Brow Bar, lash and brows merchandise which will cater to lash technicians, last artists and saloons that wish to add a new range of services or upgrade the products that they have been using.

“My aim is to provide the best quality products in the eyelash extension category. Every lash technician and salons that plan to expand their services and get into lash extensions can use these high-quality products which have been produced with a lot of international R&D and my expertise over the years. These innovations have come with a lot of painstaking effort that I have personally faced as an artist. No matter how good you are at your job, if the products are not of good quality your reputation will suffer. The products will up the ante and will certainly be a game-changer in the industry. These new products are just the beginning – our vision is to be the leading source of beauty services and products, enabling women to look and feel great with every aspect of their facial beauty routine,” said Debarati Ghosh.

“The British Brow Bar was founded on the idea of empowering women to look and feel confident and beautiful. Now with the introduction of these new products – Lashes and Lash Lift, we’re satisfying their appetites for longer luscious lashes that aim to enhance their natural beauty. This is an exciting time for our brand as we are on an upward trajectory in the beauty category with limitless growth opportunities. I am here to collaborate and not compete,” Debarati added.

The British Brow Bar is the nation’s largest and fastest growing eyelash extension beauty brand and has been rapidly growing since it has started expanding its flagship outlets. The products will be available at the flagship stores in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad or also procured through the brand’s social media channels. Alongside the products, a basic round of training will also be done for the buyers for best usage.

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