Singer Soumita Saha pays tribute Enrique Iglesias on his Birthday

Admiring a talented person can be one of the most beautiful thing under the sun. Celebrities have always been vocal about people they admire. Famous actress like Lisa Soberano normalised Fangirling having declared herself as K-Pop Fangirl.Fandoms, specifically fangirls, are some of the most influential people on the planet. Nobody can deny that. Indian celebrities have also vocal about admiring their favourites. Indian Singing sensation Soumita Saha normalise Fangirling having released trailer of her upcoming Song Somebody’s Me.  Soumita is ardent fan of International Celebrity, American- Spanish singer and songwriter Enriques Iglesias. Soumita is all set to release.

a rendition of Somebody’s Me by Enrique on his Birthday 8th May. The songbird also added “Fangirling is not an ailment but it empowers you in many ways. If someone’s voice, look or acting skill makes you feel good, it is certainly one unique way to radiate positive vibe.

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I have always been a fan of Enrique since my school days. He is an inspiration. Somebody’s Me is a tribute to Enrique on his Birthday” Soumita Saha who religiously takes out time to amplify medical needs on social network during this covid situation is not only dedicated to what she is doing but also influencing others, thereby helping people. Soumita Saha is not only famous in EDM industry and tollywood, but also regarded as one of the youngest exponent of Rabindrasangeet.
‘Somebody’s Me’ is a serene song song sad vibe, speaking about the song she adds ” Even though I have never been the ‘somebody’ but exploring the emotions of an abandoned lover is a journey to remember” .

Soumita is happily engaged to her long time beau Agniv Chatterjee, who is a software engineer. Speaking about the song she also said ” Music is all we have. We can’t deny
 that our nation is going through a terrible time. Music can sooth , music can relieve mental stress,”

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