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Rinu Suthar Released her first Book based on Journalism


Rinu Suthar Released her first Book based on Journalism

Rinu Suthar is an Indian freelance journalist, writer, and model from Mumbai. Recently Rinu released his first book. “How I Started My Journey As A Freelance Journalist is a book that will support those who want or are in journalism. Freelance journalists do not get as much respect as journalists do, but freelance journalists There is the freedom to write and write anywhere. On any subject. This book contains all the secrets that are the most important material for journalists and these are the secrets described in this book from which I started my journey, “she said.

Publisher,  Rinu Suthar’s new book is a guiding reed for freelancer journalists that will take them to a new and successful world of journalism and a memorable journey. For every reader and journalist, these secrets guarantee the happiness and values that he or she possesses.
Available on bookstores, or online at Amazon, iTunes Store, and Google Books.

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