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Priya Gautam – Why Do We Need The Fear Of Coronavirus To Be Cautious On Holi?


Priya Gautam – Why Do We Need The Fear Of Coronavirus To Be Cautious On Holi?

Holi is not a festival that spreads joy for all. It is society’s license to goons and creeps to do anything they want with women, men, animals – anyone they can get hold of on the streets. And these thugs have a powerful line on their side that society has given its consent to while taking away the consent of those at the receiving end of the line: “Bura Na Maano Holi hai.” Get lost already.

It’s a shame that the perceived sense of ‘offending’ Hindus for their religion-cultural abomination has forced Indian society to put a cover over the danger that comes every year.

Holi isn’t a cause for celebration. The most common refrain in households is to not step out of the home. Don’t go out because it isn’t safe. A day of celebration is a safety hazard with people’s greetings to each other almost always followed by a plea to be safe.  

So, the best way to ‘enjoy’ Holi is to be at home, eat your favorite dishes, spend time with your family and not step out under any circumstances. The coronavirus scare has hit India like a tsunami —everyone is feeling paranoid.
At times like these when one is conscious enough to not visit crowded places, use a sanitizer every 10 minutes, and maintain a safe distance from anyone having flu-like symptoms, the safest way to celebrate Holi is to stay indoors.   Moreover, at a time when the national capital is going through the trauma of the riots that claimed more than 50 lives, it is not the happiest of times to celebrate any festival. Even though people love to enjoy Holi by smearing color on each other’s faces, sometimes forcefully, this time it can be different.      

Sit back, pick up a book of your choice, whip up some hot chocolate, maybe cook a nice meal, binge-watch movies on Netflix, sink in your bean bag, and relax.

So, there’s no need to do any of these:

dirty your hands, spoil your clothes, subject yourself to loud music or put up with uncouth people on the streets (a common phenomenon during Holi).  

This Holi, spend time with yourself and your family, may devote some time to introspect or just spend the day sleeping. If nothing else, it may just help keep the ‘C’ virus at bay.   Happy Holi Everyone.   Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!  

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