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Now Endometriosis will not be a Hindrance in the Happiness of Motherhood, Know its Ayurvedic Treatment

At some point in marriage, everyone often asks the same question to the family and relatives of the new couple, when you are increasing a member in the family? Or say, how long will it take to give the happy news? And apart from this, we also ask, how long are the “laddus feeding” of Childbirth? All such things happen and why not because society and home are the rules of the family here.
A few years ago, it was as easy as having a child, but now the task is becoming more and more difficult. Because the desire to move forward, career security has upset everyone. Both men and women now work shoulder to shoulder and marry at an older age, affecting their fertility. In such a situation, their lifestyle and contaminated foods affect the reproductive organs, causing many problems in producing a child.
Till the time of marriage, no one knows that they have a problem, which will cause trouble in having Pregnancy. Because nobody tries before marriage. After marriage, as soon as they try to conceive and fail in it, then they think about the checkup, then they come to know about the problems. One of the same reproductive problems is the problem of Endometriosis, which hinders child happiness. In the case of Endometriosis, progesterone is not produced, which can increase the Endometrium in response to Estrogen and the process of conception remains incomplete.
The only option in allopathy therapy is surgery but there is no guarantee that the cyst will not be returned again and you will be able to get 100% convincing. At the same time, there is a completely successful treatment in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment is a natural treatment so that there is no chance of double the trouble by side effects of treatment Medicine Like in allopathy. There are no side effects in the treatment of Ayurveda, nor is there a risk of any other disease due to its regular intake. Ayurveda treatment for Endometriosis is very effective.

Look at the Causes of Endometriosis –
Talking about the causes of Endometriosis, the worst is the lifestyle and old age, which causes more difficulty in becoming a mother and in addition there are some reasons which are as follows -1. Age2. Obesity3. Unbalanced diet4. Hormonal disbalance 5. Genetic

Symptoms of Endometriosis –
There are some basic Signs and Symptoms by which one can assess whether one suffering from Endometriosis- 
1. More bleeding and unbearable pain

2. Lower abdominal pain

3. Early urination and feeling uncomfortable.

4. Pain in a relationship and no interest in sexual activity.

5. Loss of fertility and problems like miscarriage etc. can be indicated.
Treatment of Endometriosis according to Ayurveda:- 
1. Diet – Ayurveda firstly focuses on improving the diet of the patient because if you are eating a balanced diet and nutritious diet then you get quick relief. Also, if your daycare, season sleep and night care are going on regularly, then soon you start getting good results in Ayurvedic treatment.
2. Gugguls – Gugguls have been used since ancient times for problems related to the uterus, so if you have a complaint of Endometriosis then you can take it.
3. Green tea – Green tea is an ayurvedic herbal medicine that contains an element called epiglocetazine gullets which helps in reducing the symptoms of endometriosis.
4. Amla – Amla is a natural medicine that can help women suffering from endometriosis as the main ingredients like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial are found in amla.
5. Garlic – Garlic has high antioxidant properties which are very helpful in reducing inflammation of endometriosis. Therefore, depending on the advice of the doctor, you can consume garlic regularly.6. Castor Oil – Castor oil is meant to eliminate the aneurysm tissue and toxins present in the body, and in addition it enhances the lymphatic and circulatory system, thereby resolving the problem of endometriosis soon.7. Heating Pad – If you can use a heating pad, then it helps in relieving pain soon and also helps in reducing swelling.
Ayurvedic medicines and herbal medicines naturally cure the reproductive system by balancing hormones. By which the uterus becomes capable of function smoothly.
All these ayurvedic remedies and remedies have been obtained during a conversation with Dr Chanchal Sharma, a childless expert of Asha Ayurveda. If you want to discuss the treatment of any problem related to childlessness, then contact Asha Ayurveda Center.

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