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Nambi Narayanan Energizes Students at SSVMs 25th Year Celebrations

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The SSVM Transforming India Conclave 22, an initiative by the SSVM group of institutions to commemorate 25 years of excellence, started on a high note with the arrival and speech of Mr. Nambi Narayanan, Indian Aerospace Engineer, and Padma Bhushan awardee, following the lighting of the lamp. Mr. Nambi Narayanan touched upon his life experiences by highlighting the importance of honesty and truth and how eventually truth prevails. Mr. Narayanan said, “With all the amazing facilities of the school, I am confident students from SSVM will achieve great things,” while speaking about how few schools offered facilities in the 60s and the 70s, he called upon students to shed their fears and blossom. More than 1000 students from SSVM students heard Mr. Nambi in rapt attention as he extolled the virtues of honesty in life.

SSVM Founder & Managing Trustee, Dr. Manimekalai Mohan, inaugurating Transforming India Conclave 22 along with Padma Bhushan awardee Mr. Nambi Narayanan, Ms. Srisha Mohan Doss & Mr.Nitin

Speaking during the SSVM Transforming India Conclave 22, Day 1, SSVMs Founder & Managing Trustee, Dr. Manimekalai Mohan, spoke about the importance of humility and how it helps people reach new heights of success. “This is what we teach, the hallmark of our eminent alumni. We must reach for the skies, but we must be humble.”

SSVMs Founder & Managing Trustee, Dr. Manimekalai Mohan, inaugurating the three-day SSVM Transforming India Conclave 22 along with Mr. Nambi Narayanan, Indian Aerospace Engineer, and Padma Bhushan awardee, Director of Education Ms. Srisha Mohan Doss and Mr.Nitin.
Swathy Rohit, Co-Founder & CEO, of Health Basix, highlighted the importance of pursuing ones passion and the need to take care of ones health by increasing physical activity and prioritizing nutritious food. Ms. Swathy stressed the need to transform India from the diabetic capital of the world to the health capital of the world. Answering a question on the stress students face, Swathy Rohit called for parents to talk to their children more and understand what they go through; “parents need to talk more to children and shed the focus on marks and allow children to discover themselves.”
Eminent teachers of the institution who have served the institution for many years were recognized for their exemplary service. Students posed many questions to the guest speakers on various subjects, from pursuing their passion to what is needed to succeed.
Leaders of tomorrow have to take up the issues of today, highlighting the challenges girl students face in different phases of life Anupama Kumar Vijay Anand-Founder of Vriksham, Educational Content Creator spoke in length at SSVM Transforming India Conclave 22. Ms. Anupama rallied parents to bring about a change and break the taboo that comes along with the word “Periods” and the pre-conceived notions of “beauty“, what is beautiful and what is not. Speaking at the conclave Anupama gave a rallying call to parents “parents (mothers) have to be the change, by sharing with children the pain she goes through to sensitize boys on the difficulties mothers go through“.
Blogger, Youtuber & Content Creator Mohamed Irfan spoke at SSVM Transforming India Conclave 22 and emphasized the importance of consistency “Whatever you do, you have to be consistent. Consistency is the only thing that will lead you to greatness. You may be talented, you may be intelligent, whatever you are, will not mean anything if you are not consistent. Consistency means you wont miss any opportunity, so whatever you do, do it every day.”
The ‘Transforming India Conclave‘ is an educational confluence of the brightest minds of India. This 3-day conclave will be featuring the brightest of the youngest generation who can transform India. Eminent people who have walked the talk and dared to dream will share their enlightening thoughts on

Road to Success

How to face challenges and

How students can shape the future of India.

This is an event where students can pitch their entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of industry experts to fine-tune their projects, besides recognizing teachers who have dedicated themselves to the service of students, their growth, and ultimately their success.

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