“My Mum takes care of a colony of 500 stray cats and keeps 9 cats at her flat who have one or another disability so are less prone to be adopted”, says actress Giorgia Andriani

Giorgia Andriani

There’s a mantra for being happy, and it’s on four feet. With a furry pal at home, a single woof and cuddle can make you smile, right from the time you wake up each morning to when you head to bed. Having animals can lower stress, depression. It’s no surprise, then, that pets have emerged as one of the biggest anchors for each ardent animal lover. We all are quite aware about the fact that our gorgeous beauty is a complete Dog lover

In a recent interview with a leading website, Midday, Giorgia expressed her love for her Dogs Hugo and Dolce,Talking about her love for animals, she exclaimed that, “Loving animals runs in my family and i have always been a cat person because my mum takes care of a colony of 500 cats. She sterilizes them, feeds them, builds cathouses and gives them treatments for whatever ailments they suffer from. I like my mother used to be a cat person, however 3 years ago, I decided to change the pattern and get a dog home!”

Talking more about how the name Hugo and Dolce came about, the actress said, “When I was about 16 years old, I got a dog named Hugo, but he died as a puppy.” So I named Hugo after that dog. That was my only dog heartbreaking experience. After that, I thought I’m not having a dog again. But as i changed the pattern, I brought Hugo and then Dolce after two years and kept his name because in Italian “dolce” means “sweet.” When he came, he was indeed very sweet before transforming into the monster he is now 😂These guys give you a lot of love and are full on entertainment.”

Giorgia Andriani Introduces Hugo & DolcheMy Mum Takes Care Of 500 Cats | Celebrity Pet Parents

Did you even know, Giorgia is a complete vegetarian? The actress revealed, “When i was in Italy, i saw a video where they were taking a cow to the slaughter house and she was crying and that disturbed me a lot hence decided to turn veg after that. Having meat in Italy is very common, but i couldn’t see that as a normal thing anymore and after that my mom, my sister, my dad we all converted into vegetarians.”

We can undoubtedly say that, loving animals and taking care of them runs under Andriani family.

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