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Mrs Rajasthan 2021 Registration Started

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Mrs Rajasthan 2021 Registration Started

Women from all over Rajasthan will be able to participate in Mrs Rajasthan 2021

Jaipur. The largest and most prestigious beauty pageant of Rajasthan that is Mrs Rajasthan 2021 poster is finally out. This will organized by Jaipur Fusion Group and in collaboration with Grand Safari. The poster is launch and announced by the Jagdish Chandra, Pawan Goyal, directors Yogesh Mishra and Harish Soni.

Nimisha Mishra, the organizer of Mrs Rajasthan 2021 said that like every year, promotional events will be held in Rajasthan and grand auditions will be held in Jaipur.

The main objective of the program is “to give a new flight to the women who are sitting in the house (as homemaker) and are left with their unfulfilled dreams”.

As well as grand finale is being organize after 7 days of grooming training. Grooming training involves the celebrities of the fashion world.

After the finale, women go to national and international levels to illuminate the name of Rajasthan. Significantly, Preeti Meena, who has become an inspiration for women, Mrs. Rajasthan 2018, Shikha Tiwari, Sonu Chhabra, Priyanka Meena, Nitya Singh Tanwar, Lavalin Dagar, Rashmi Chauhan, Megha Sharma, etc. have highlighted Rajasthan’s name in the national pageants.

Registration Link Here

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