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MetroMedi Partnered with Dr. Sayani Surgicals and Tesla Diagnostics


MetroMedi Partnered with Dr. Sayani Surgicals and Tesla Diagnostics is one stop online health store that offers home delivery services for medicines, health groceries, teleconsultation, diagnostics & wellness etc. MetroMedi today operates in 7 cities in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Karnataka and also have 7 Health stores with 2 lakh Customer base.

At MetroMedi, We believe that everyone should have access to good health and affordable healthcare in the country. With this core belief, through our services (medicine delivery and diagnostic tests), we ensure our customers get 100% genuine medicines and health products, with the highest savings in the shortest time possible. Therefore we have Partnered with Tesla Diagnostics & Dr. Sayani Surgicals stated Mr. Dileep Byra – Founder & CEO, MetroMedi

Tesla Diagnostics is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Collaboration Laboratories (NABL Certificate No: Mc-2341), Government of India and has been providing quality services to our customers from the past couple of decades. Tesla Diagnostics was also awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification from CISQ federation for the performance of routine and advanced diagnostics testing services. Our aim is to help you lead a healthy and quality life. Designed based on global norms, we provide the latest in diagnostic services coupled with state of the art technologies. All our services are provided in a safe and hygienic environment to meet international quality standards. With this Partnership, all our services are viable at reasonable rates and are therefore affordable to the common man without compromising on the quality of services.

Dr. Sayanis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has a customer centric approach with different operations of Dr. Sayani Surgicals and Dr. Sayanis rehabilitation aids and other initiatives under one roof. Dr. Sayanis Healthcare undertakes marketing and sales of healthcare products for the manufacturer who needs marketing support in India because of the divisional strength. We also offer Turnkey Project Management for Healthcare Retail, Gym & Fitness Centers, Physiotherapy & Lifestyle Clinics, etc. The different divisions in various branches of health practices and services are: Manufacturing Imports & exports Distribution & logistics Healthcare retail Physiotherapy & lifestyle Clinics.

Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Dr. Sayani Founder & Chairman of Dr. Sayanis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. states that with this Partnership both MetroMedi and Dr. Sayani will focus on B2B Platforms with competitive Pricing.

About MetroMedi

MetroMedi is gearing up to achieve the same top lines as our competitors who have 3000 stores with just 100 stores by Bundling online and offline more efficiently by utilizing Technology with Human connect. In MetroMedis Unicorn journey. The 100 Brick & Mortar Stores Concept as Fulfilment centers play a major role as the Hybrid Model will add strength to online is proven.

For more details, please visit or Call/whatsapp +91 9347422222.


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