India’s No.1 Mobile Skins Brand, Gadgetshieldz to Launch Its Fabric Texture This Week

Business Wire India
After giving a glimpse to their followers on Instagram and Twitter about a couple of weeks ago, Gagdetshieldz®, India’s No.1 Mobile Skins and Screen Protectors brand, is now set to release their most awaited mobile skin texture to be included in their multi-textured mobile skins range Skinnova® in the upcoming week namely as, ‘Fabrix’. No announcement has been made regarding a launch date or compatible devices yet; it’s most likely to be released for all flagship and best-selling devices.
‘Fabrix’, the brand new fabric texture addition to the Skinnova® range by Gadgetshieldz®, is said to be different from their previous mobile skin textures as this is going to be a texture with very high grip because of its mesh styling.

In the range mentioned before, they have multiple types of minimalistic, authentic-feeling textured mobile skins that cater to the necessities of avid gadget users who do not like bulky phone/device cases, scratches and zero-grip. Gadgetshieldz® has covered all these issues by providing customers with a variety of textures and assured quality. Corresponding to the device, the company also gives precise cut-outs instead of DIYs, thus reducing the user’s hassle.
Mukesh Jain, CEO of Gadgetshieldz® says“Feedbacks and suggestions from our customers are of utmost importance to us; we give our 100% to work on them. In fact, we observe our demographics i.e. Millenials and Gen Z people very closely and keep up with what they need. Further consistent observation, we have understood that these two generations of people need a more qualitative, precise, diverse and trendy approach to whatever they buy. For people who like the simplistic ways of device protection, we have invisible screens and full-body protectors with virtual invisibility and self-healing properties, ensuring device protection while keeping it minimal. For the ones who like a little bit of colour pop here and patterns there, Skinnova®mobile skins range is just perfect for them as it provides protection along with different texture options. ‘Fabrix’ is going to be our latest addition to the Skinnova®mobile skins range and since it’s very much an awaited one, we are sure our customers are going to love it the most.”

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