Founder of MeghaShrey Mrs. Seema Singh meets Shri Swami Mukundanda

Swami Mukundananda organized a special event in Mumbai on the Life Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita. Seema Singh along with her husband Mr. M K Singh met Swami Mukundanda, the world’s renowned spiritual leader and a global icon. The event was attended by the leading celebrities and social activists. Upon the meet, Swami Mukundanda Ji was very pleased and delighted to see the efforts taken by Seema Singh and her NGO to make a difference in the lives less privileged sections of the society and their betterment.  

Seema Singh says, “I feel privileged and blessed to meet Swami Mukundanda Ji. The time spent with him will forever be cherished and etched in the heart. The life lessons by him during the session were enriching and gives a fresh perspective towards life. I am sure to inculcate his teachings in my daily life and spread the message of love, joy and peace  in the society. I have always been in the forefront towards making a difference in the lives of the people through my NGO MeghaShrey.”.

Seema Singh is the founder of MeghaShrey NGO which works extensively towards the growth and development of the less privileged section of the society. The NGO has been constantly been working towards the upliftment  of the society by their different programs and initiatives. All the programs and initiatives at the NGO are single handedly spearheaded by the founder, Mrs Seema Singh.

On behalf of the NGO Seema Singh Says, “MeghaShrey was conceptualized with the vision of bringing peace, happiness and growth to the  less privileged sections of the society. I have always believed in working towards the society and ensuring that every leads a dignified life. Through my NGO I want to reach out to all the people and build a better world where we all live in happiness as one big family. MeghaShrey works towards reducing the disparity and giving an opportunity to everyone to grow. Over the past few months, the NGO has come up with different programs for the children, the less privileged and the Indian Weavers. We aim to bring a difference in everyone’s lives and would continue to do so”

MeghaShrey is the leading NGO in India today which works tirelessly towards the growth of the society. As members of the society, we need more such programs and initiatives.

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