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Fans Shower Love On Actor Poojan Chhabra For His Two Back – To- Back Hit Performances in Amazon Series Adhura For Ninad and Vilas For Rajshri’s DONO

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Fans Shower Love On Actor Poojan Chhabra For His Two Back – To- Back Hit Performances in Amazon Series Adhura For Ninad and Vilas For Rajshri’s DONO

In the world of Indian cinema, where new talents emerge every day, one name has recently taken the industry by storm. Poojan Chhabra, a fresh face in the Bollywood landscape, has recently given two power-packed performances back-to-back onscreen, Amazon Prime series Adhura and Big Screen Bollywood Debut with Rajshri Productions DONO. Poojan has been appreciated and accepted by the audience and has earned a special place in the hearts of fans and critics alike.

Poojan has captivated audiences with his exceptional performance and endearing goofy character in Dono along with the mind-blowing performance of Ninad in Adhura. Fans and critics have showered immense love on Poojan for his recent hit characters. It’s rare for a newcomer to receive such positive reviews, and Poojan’s performance has undoubtedly set high standards for his future projects.

Check out when fans slid into his DM and appreciated him for his power-packed performances.

Actor Ishwak Singh wrote, “You’ve done a great job in Adhura buddy! Keep up the honesty and purity in your work.
Another fan wrote, Making his debut in mainstream Bollywood, So proud of you my brother.

Critics also showered love on Vilas’s character, “Poojan Chhabra played his part supremely well and deserves mention and attention for his portrayal.”

Another fan wrote, Ninda>>>> Just Wow, Amazed by your performance in Adhura, More power to You. To which another added,  “You are amazing in the series Adhura, Whole time I was waiting for your turn to show up on the screen. Great Performance. Looking forward to looking at more of your works, All the best for future projects.”

Love has just been pouring in for the actor, and we can surely say that with his talent and ability to connect with the audience, there’s no doubt that Poojan is poised for a bright future in Bollywood. His dedication to his craft is evident in his performance. Undoubtedly, Poojan Chhabra is the kind of talent Bollywood has been waiting for, and his journey has only just begun.

On The work front, Apart from his debut film DONO and Amazon Prime series Adhura. He has also portrayed powerpack performances in series like Kota Factory, United Kacchey, Mind the Malhotras season 2, Sector 12 ka Kitty Club, and many more.

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