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Ekta Kapoor is held accountable for ‘polluting minds of the young generations’ says the Supreme Court


Ekta Kapoor is held accountable for ‘polluting minds of the young generations’ says the Supreme Court

Ekta Kapoor tried to seek help through her lawyer for the judiciary, which backfired on her as the Supreme Court came down on her hard, accusing the filmmaker of “polluting” the minds of the younger generation. The court also issued a warning to the filmmaker not to submit any more pleas and ordered that the fee will be levied if she files more such petitions.

The Supreme Court was hearing a plea filed by Ekta where she challenged the arrest warrant issued against her for allegedly insulting soldiers and hurting the sentiments of their families through the objectionable content in the web series XXX, which was broadcast on her OTT portal, ALTBalaji. A trial court in Begusarai, Bihar, based on a complaint registered by Shambhu Kumar’s allegations that the second season of the series featured multiple offensive sequences related to a soldier’s wife.

According to PTI, senior advocate, Mukul Rohatgi spoke on behalf of Ekta kapoor and requested that the court grant her protection, noting that this had been done in a case that was quite similar to this one in the past as well. The attorney defended Ektas freedom of choice and also argued that the content in question is subscription-based. Justices Ajay Rastogi and C T Ravikumar’s bench expressed criticism against Ekta after the lawyer said that the petition was filed before the Patna High Court but there is no hope the matter will be listed for hearing soon.

The Supreme Court bench said, “Something has to be done. You are polluting the minds of the young generation of this country. It is available to all. OTT (Over The Top) content is available to all. What kind of choice are you providing to the people? On the contrary, you are polluting the minds of youngsters. ”

The judge did not impose costs but did warn Ekta, “Every time you travel to this court….we don’t appreciate this.” We will put a cost on you for filing such a petition. Mr. Rohatgi, please convey this to your client. Just because you can afford and hire the services of good lawyers….this court is not for those who have voices. This court works for those who don’t have voices… If these people who have all kinds of facilities, if they cannot get justice, then think of the situation of this common man. We have seen the order and we have our reservations. ”

The apex court kept the plea pending and suggested a local lawyer be appointed to check the status of the hearing of the case going on in Patna High Court

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